Strange Sails

Cannibal's Triangle, part 1

Searching for fabled Xhisp, using the map given to them by Terris Halfjaw our heroes have come to understrand they possess only one fourth of the map. Rumour suggest that an old acquaintance may possess another fourth. On their way to the Bronze Island, however, the Vena Cava comes near a Golden Monkey trade vessel and gives chase with young Jenkins leading the crew’s screams for blood, boarding it. Raising a literal black flag and declaring no quarter, the crew overcome the Warforged Marines – particularly with the aid of their Dire Guls – and slaughter the rival crew and loot the vessel.

Declaring the loot to be divided with no stealing tolerated, Bjordin notes that Tellior has a glowing pocket. After a brief, hard word from the Bosun Tellior reveals his prize to be an Orb of Light. Passing it around the officers, the Orb of Light declares not one is worthy to hold it demanding it be given to one who fights the Undead (particularly the Masked Brotherhood); with Tellior being the closest of all. Soon, however, the Mists roll in and the crew panic as they realize they have drifted into Cannibal’s Triangle

Later a frantic Jenkins approaches The Party, showing them that the food of the ship has spoiled and its drink turned to blood. He also takes them to several dead crew, which they discern – from the ashen, empty bodies and wounds in the neck – to be the work of a stowaway Vampire.

A tapping on the side of their vessel alerts The Party to a small boat that has come up beside theirs; containing a Dwarf who introduces himself as Gimmel of the Rocky Shore Clan. Initially claiming to be a castaway lost, a failed attempt at seduction on Trilly McAxebeard reveals the truth. Gimmel of the Rocky Shore Clan was not the only soul lost; but a lack of food drove him to cannibalism. Suddenly, three Pathodaemon from within his belly. Once defeated, noting the lack of wind and the slackness of their sails, Twingo rigs up the ship’s seagulls to tow it beyond the Mists



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