Strange Sails

Cannibal's Triangle, part 2

Still trapped within Cannibal’s Triangle, The Party awake to find Bjordin missing. In his place is an Angel of the Raven Queen who proclaims that his companions neither seek nor mourn the Minotaur’s absence; explaining that he is one a quest for the Death Goddess. Noting their crew also missing from deck, The Party venture to the Ghost Ship which loomed across the waters. Rowing there, they meet a pair of Angels in the captain’s cabbin chained to the floor. For this the beings blame the Vampire “Sandy” Tepesh who has since tortured them for their “cosmic secrets.” Begging for freedom the shrewd adventurers note the gnawed bones littered about the cabbin floor. This the Angels blame on Ghouls which reside below decks.

Investigating and nearly dying in the process, The Party find that flesh eating Undead indeed do reside below the decks and the group resolve themselves to solve the puzzle imprisoning the Angels in exchange for the trick of ecape: that a vessel must be free from cannibalism (including all eaters of highly sentient creatures). No sooner then they are freed, however, then the Angels true nature as flesh-hungry monsters is revealed; costing Kehpri and Trilly McAxebeard their lives.

Though Twingo was able to save the Dwarf, the Captain found herself carried by a crow to Lethernia where she was sent plummiting into the storm of souls that churns around the pinnacle of the fortress. Saving herself from eternity within the storm, Kehpri was dragged before the Raven Queen who decided to make a game of the Drow; holding possession over her soul while ressurecting her body as a Revenant.



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