Strange Sails

Cannibal's Triangle, part 3

Returning from the Ghost Ship, The Party find Holst adrift. Holst and the pirate crew recognize each other by reputation and with some reservation, the latter agree to take the Halfling with them (motivated strongly by plumes of smoke arising from the Vena Cava). Landing their Dire Guls The Party find Tellior smouldering while clutching the Orb of Light. Indicating their presence is demanded below decks, it is soon discovered that much of the crew had been transformed into blood sucking undead at the fangs of “Sandy” Tepesh. Some however, mostly those who have rallied around young Jenkins have refused and paid for refusal with his life. In the battle that follows, which included the a certain Gnome using Dire Guls to violently rock the ship, several old scores were settled. With the death of the corrupted crew, an Albatross appeared, guiding the Vena Cava back across worlds to Deluge.



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