Strange Sails

Di Bu Bao Chuan

To the rattle of drums, beating out the Jolly Executioner, Trilly and Twingo are marched two by two in chains up the gallows in the prison yard of Gong Zai; followed closely by Tavian and Pox. Above them, nailed to the prison yard wall, are the bodies of four great Dire Guls – the former mounts bred by Twingo. As the nooses are fastened around their necks, a masked crier in the centre of a screaming crowd announces the list of crimes committed by the Dwarf and Gnome ranging from piracy and monster-breeding to mass murder, consorting with Demons, the consumption and illicit dealing of Lyrium. The crier further threatens Trilly to be shaved and buried as a Human and Twingo to be chopped into firewood and burnt. But moments before the lever is pulled, a priestess of the Raven Queen is called to offer the tariff but as she does so tells the four awaiting execution to be ready and run for the temple, two streets down… And then the lever is pulled by the executioner as a crack rings out and the ropes snap – causing the crowd to panic.

Bolting madly for the temple, with Trilly and Twingo stumbling along the way and Pox setting Gong Zai alight in the process, the four make it to the temple followed closly by the Colony Guard. The soldiers of the temple rush forward, invoking the right of sanctuary. As a minor scuffle ensues, the four are lured further into the temple and confront the lady of fate herself, sitting atop the sarcophagus of Saint Ochian.

The lady of fate informs the four that she has woven for then a great fate to confront the Kraken in battle – forging a new Party – but warns their quest entagled by the machinations of the Masked Brotherhood and the One Eyed Skulls. The secret to defeating both and confronting the Kraken lies in seeking Di Bu Bao Chuan – the impossible treasure fleet of the Minotaur, directing the characters to Chang Horn.

To answer the distain of Trilly and Twingo for the desires of the Raven Queen, the goddess warns she has entangled the fate of Vizil Jenkins with Di Bu Bao Chuan. Likewise, Pox wished to simply separate his fate from the wishes of the Queen of Crows, but the goddess offers the Warlock the ultimate fate to sit on a re-newed throne of the Warlock King. Tavian, mysteriously, is won over by the elongated, looming shadow of the Raven Queen.

Equipping themselves and setting off, dodging the Colony Guard in the process, the Party sets for Chang Horn. Along the way they encounter a Minotaur adrift and screaming for aid…



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