Strange Sails

Di Bu Bao Chuan, Part 2

Noting the strange, rainbow-radiating object in the Minotaur’s hand, The Party decide to rob the unfortunate. No sooner does their vessel pull close than a waves errupt in tentacles as a mighty Kraken emerges and assualts both groups. Robbing the Minotaur before feeding him to and battling the beast, The Party arrive in Chang Horn with their vessel sinking, yet held afloat by Pox’s wicked magic. After merry hijinks with the dock master, The Party soon discover their dead friend Bjordin chatting merrily to Leeroy, one of Twingo and Trilly’s former crew now serving under the colours of a certain traitor. After filling in Pox and Tavian regarding the Gnome and Dwarf’s history with Jenkins and Vizil, the group confront Bjordin who claims to remember them not, but instead directs The Party to the Brothers Mu and Fanchu (but warns they are said to be agents of the Monastery) before departing.

Examining the object gained from unfortunate, Twingo discerns it is a Loadstone of the Planes, and begins to employ the portal Compass to attempt to find whatever it is it is pointing to (assumably Di Bu Bao Chuan). Being guided through Chang Horn, The Party move from the Shrine of the Ancestors to the Sacred Well of Sacrifice where they are confronted by Jenkins’ crew, whom they promptly drown…



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