Strange Sails

Di Bu Bao Chuan, Part 3

Visiting Brothers Mu and Fanchu, our heroes enter the seedy dockside Lyrium Den – strangely discovering a striking resemblance to the lost fisherman. There they enter into a contest of trials with Mu, while being told Fanchu is indisposed with a special customer; one Captain Jenkins. Loosing a whimsical contest of arms against Fu (his arms are much prettier than Trilly’s), Pox – now in the form of a Human – is challenged to Liar’s Dice and wins by discovering Mu is cheating. Following their victory Mu informs our heroes that the Vena Cava is docked in a small cove to the north whilst also narrowing the section of the city the Loadstone of the Planes is indicating.

Purchasing the use of a rowboat for the day from an elderly fisherman, the Party sail in search of their lost ship, battling seagull-born Vrock demons; the product of the Dire Gul eggs left of the vessel and Vizil’s dark magic. Searching the vessel, our heroes discover a large portion of the crew chained below decks, just as fearful of Captain Jenkins as they were of the Party. On liberation, they thus choose to flee – facing and embracing slaughter from our heroes rather than face more horrors. With the crew departed, and repealing Minotaur boarders (imprisoning the twin survivors within Bags of Holding), our heroes set about searching their ship, recovering their lost treasure before sailing the Vena Cava back to Chang Horn (albeit in a somewhat wobbly fashion thanks to an absence of crew. There, they bribe the dock-master with hefty sum for watching their vessel whilst seeking(unsuccessfully) a shipwright for repairs and pressganging a new crew from the Lyrium soaked den of the Brothers Mu and Fanchu. Here Trilly McAxebeard and Pox purchase “lifestylers” of Lyrium who are press ganged, undertake a voyage, arrive at the next dock, paid, burn their pay on blue powder, rack up a debt with the establishment, and pay it off through being pressganged again.

Meanwhile, Tavian and Twingo perform an extensive search of the vessel, discovering not only Captain Jenkins’ supply of ritual components but also the Gibbering Book which jumps, snaps, hisses and breaths gouts of hot steam at the duo who leave it till Pox’s return with the Warlock rightly reckoning the book for what it is…

Returning to the quest at hand, the Party follow the Loadstone of the Planes to the Lang Gan, battling Doppelganger-disguised-as-Minotaur assassins along the way and confronting their old friends Jenkins and Vizil – now sharing a body as a demonically possessed pirate captain. After a brief parlay Jenkins and his gang attack, and though the Party fought bravely the encounter proved too much for Trilly, who bore much of the brunt of the opposition alone; falling in battle. Whilst a crow did perch on her corpse it was forced away by Baron Ghede who scooped up Trilly’s soul – stuffing it into one of his empty rum bottles.



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