Strange Sails

Heart of the Forbidden Forge, Part 2

In the days that followed their discovery of Gibbs’ actions, Kehpri distanced herself from the new captain’s new crew only to be visted by the Queen of Crows who treatened the undead Drow with true death, should she not remain with The Party, adding the dire allusion to Kehpri being woven out of some grand and terrible destiny the Lady of Fate has written for our heroes “upon the stars themselves…”.

All gathered aboard Charme, The Party sail through a swirling vortex to find themselves cast into a land-locked forrest clearing. This dire news for Charme only worsens as the ship herself, Gibbs and Bjordin – all three bound to the Raven Queen – found themselves unconscious. Stranger still, the Dire Guls found themselves likewise altered – gifted with sentient thought and the capacity for verbal communication! Kehpri soon became likewise changed by the trip through the vortex, showing the visible signs of decay on her previously life-like body! At this Twingo deduces that The Party has entered Sphere of Life, home of the Fey; counterbalance to the Raven Queen’s own Sphere of Death.

After fierce negotiation with their mounts, The Party manage to convince the birds to accompany them on their adventure to Xhisp. Flying from the clearing – leaving the unconscious members of the crew to their fates – The Party encounter a massive dig site before a yawning open cave mouth. Here they find the ruins of Xhisp being excavated along with a band of Coal Goblins using a strange, partially reconstructed ship as a guard tower. Besting the monsters, the ship is soon revealed under Twingo’s arcane expertise to be an Elemental-powered Airship – the work of anceint Aireomancers! Advancing into the excavated caves, The Party encounter a legion of Hobgoblins; the soldiers of Nachtur. Faced with these fearsome Goblins, the decaying Drow was pounded into oblivion before being saved her fellows, finding herself faced with Grandfather Tree who attempted to absorb her soul as a creature of The Rot.



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