Strange Sails

Heart of the Forbidden Forge, Part 3

With Kehpri reduced to moss and mushrooms, Holst stuffs her into his Bag of Holding in hopes of saving his crew mate. Meanwhile, Bjordin awakes to find himself absent Gibbs and Charme silent, along with the curious ship being investigated by Don’Ko, who had been charged with a quest. It seemed
several months ago, Jelia, an Eladrin Artificer from Meisasin, went missing in search of the Creation Forge where the workings of her ancestor’s “wondrous flying city” were created. Charged with retreiving Jelia, Don’Ko tracked the errant Artificer across the Minotaur’s path.

Passing evidence of The Party’s destruction, the pair catch up to the main group currently investigating a waterfall. There they discover the corpse of a Goblin which they spend much time poking and probing to discover that the creature is indeed a corpse and not some cunning Undead. After fighting their way through Warforged and arcane engines, our heroes stand confronted by an army of green men backed by a monstrous Flesh Golem and Construct Dragon; an encounter with which ultimately costs Holst his life. Comming face-to-face with Grandfather Tree, the Halfling finds himself seduced by nature and consumed by the soil.



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