Strange Sails

Heart of the Forbidden, Part 4

As The Party battle their way through more Goblin’s and mechanical monsters, Kehpri soon mangages to free herself from the the living tree god’s grasp and rejoin her fellows only to learn of Holst’s death and Bjordin’s morbid saving of his corpse, kept in the latters own magical bag.

Narrowly avoiding pits and other traps; soon our heroes meet Marus, assistant Artificer to Jelia and object of the Dragonborn’s quest. Attempting to kill Marus (after which the Eladrin is stuffed into the sack for his own good) the barbarian is promptly dumped into one of the aforementioned pits. Faced with diminished numbers, our heroes are soon laid low by a Forge Wraiths – the vengeful spectres of Twingo’s slave ancestors. Faced with both the Gnome and Dwarf laying before Grandfather Tree. While healing arts work on Trilly, the Root and ghosts of Xhisp battle for Twingo, who narrowly escapes with his soul thanks to a thrice-failed ressurection ritual attempt by Marus!

Comming to the forge itself, The Party come before Jelia chained to the object forced to produce more Construct Dragons as children for Calmachia – the great horror of Xhisp – bringing the mechanical beast low with their blades.



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