Strange Sails

Intrigue, an Interlude

Standing around the Creation Forge, the great device cracks before The Party. Around them, the voice of Grandfather Tree echoes as from the forge sprouts a strange pumpkin headed man of metal and plant matter; a strange plant-based Warforged. Twingo seems the most affect by this, his time with the Great Green giving him a strange case of Taurgwar.

After some bickering amongst themselves as to the status of their new friend, the creature introduces itself as Burch, only to confess that it has no knowledge of itself beyond said name. Debating what to do, The Party salvage what they can from the ruins and decide to obtain help to get their Airship back to Deluge. Jostling with their Dire Guls, who resist the attempts of their masters to rule them, The Party eventually convince the birds that when the portal closes they will die if cut off from their home Spheres.

With their Dire Guls secured as mounts once more, The Party journey north to where they hope Meisasin lay. Arriving at the wonderfully mechanized city, they are greeted both with Eladrin diplomats and guns. After tense negotiations wherein The Party are viewed with suspicion for treating Gnomes as equals, the Eladrin eventually agree to help our heroes.

Transporting the Airship, along with Charme, through the portal, The Party find two Eladrin have slipped through with them. Returning to Hafenport and Ruggo the Red, they further discover the Gnome King murdered! Attempting to track their newfound foes, Twingo finds only a note promising that an Eladrin safehouse exists in Ashenport should The Party require it as accomplaces in Ruggo’s assassination. Leaving their still unflying Airship in the care of Hafenport’s dockmaster, The Party set sail for Ashenport and revenge…?



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