Strange Sails

Isle of the Sea Drake part 1

Whilst docked in Vor Rukoth’s pirate port of Redwater Cove, our brave seafolk both enjoy their wealth and deal with matters at hand; firstly dismissing the masked figure from their company. Before leaving, however, the masked figure warns that our heroes have become involved with a web of secret societies that spans the world and that they are now “as pawns on a chessboard.”

Later, Twingo goes to check on the seagul he fed on Lyrium and finds it not only grown to a monstrous size, but that Skermo has also stolen into the captians cabin and taken the remainder of the substance, feeding it to four mour seaguls. While The Party are initially angry, the witch doctor assures them that these soon-to-be Dire Guls will be large enough, and thanks to Skermo – tame enough, to ride. However, on spying the hideous appetite of the giant guls and their feasting on their lesser fellows, Twingo and Bjordin soon ventured to Vor Rukoth‘s shanty town of adventurers – Coyote’s Refuge. Resupplying, the pair are soon directed to Terris Halfjaw; a Dwarf with a need for adventurers.

Outlining that Dominion privateer captain Ulars Bhet has set up on the nearby island of Comiqui and is using a bound sea monster to interrupt the slave trade out of Vor Rukoth to Turak-tol. Agreeing to the adventuring fee of their current supplies for free and the full profit of the first safe slave ship through, The Party set about recruiting Captain Shaggy to aid their quest. On arriving at the island, however, a clear tropical sky soon gives way to a volitile storm as Shaggy‘s ship is reduced to timbers by the islands dread sea monster; a massive Sea Drake. With thier own ship cracked on Comiqui’s shore, Skermo shrewdly points out that there is clearly something magical behind the storms sudden appearance and departure.

Leaving their crew to guard the ship, The Party set out to explore the island. After battling Savage Human headhunters ledt by privateers, The Party meet Zochi, who informs them that there are two tribes on the island; one supporting Ulars Bhet, and the enslaved by them. Zochi then begs The Party to help ride the island of Bhet’s privateers who are maintaining control of the island and its native sea-monster through control of a mystic crown that marked the office of Comiqui’s ancient kingship.

From here, The Party agree to journey to and liberate Zochi’s village…



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