Strange Sails

Isle of the Sea Drake part 2

Arriving at Zochi’s village, The Party find it in the grips of foul privateers of Ulars Bhet and his allies. The elder outlines that the leader of these privateers dwells in a hut at the village’s centre, but also states that most of his forces are out hunting; leaving only a few guards to stand over the enslaved villages held hostage in the centre to ensure the rest of the people’s passivity. Liberating the village, our brave heroes are told that the privateer and cannibal hunting parties have been missing for several days. Seeing their chance, The Party begin to trek through the jungle to the slender, semi-submerged low-tide land-bridge connecting the two islands; ready to strike at Ulars Bhet.

Along the way, The Party happen across a band of Goblin privateers with a strange Human trapped in a cage. With a tattoo of a jaguar on his chest and clad in the skin of the “self-same” beast the man is a curiosity indeed. Defeating the Goblin‘s and freeing him, they learn that the man is Lord Blackstone. Although somewhat rude to him, Lord Blackstone glibly outlines how he came to be on the island. Though they offer him a place on their ship (to which he agrees), Blackstone sneaks off in the night leaving The Party to venture across the land-bridge – facing its Zombie menace – alone before they finally set foot on Comiqui’s darker half…



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