Strange Sails

Isle of the Sea Drake part 3

On the second half of the island The Party scan the horizon, noting a tall mountain range leading to a high plateu. There they spot signs of settment. Treking through the jungle, across the mountains and up the plateu they prepar for the final battle with Ulars Bhet.

From their initial position, The Party scout the mystrious dead city atop it. Inside they find the pale stones of ruined buildings dot streets, the broken bones of Xulmec civilization. Most surprisingly of all, however, The Party fund the city is not abandoned. Smoke lazily crawls up to the sky from dozens of ruins and once inside, while his fellows hide in the shadows, the clumsy Minotaur stumbles into the locals. There he finds not only the old, young and women of the city, but also the Privateers guarding them. After a scuffle with both the local native warriors and Bhet’s men, our brave heroes take refuge in a ruin occupied by absent Privateers, discovering a concealed weapons cache of Alchemists Fire.

Scouting ahead, only to find hordes of the city’s dead awake and walking, The Party plunge back into the jungle and spend two more days treking to in a round-about fashion to the temple where they assume Ulars Bhet has made his lair. Confronting a ruined path flanked by massive idols, The Party manage to get the drop on a camp of Goblins and Hobgoblins in Dominion uniforms, roasting meat on flames beltched from a bound Imp, as though it were a campfire. But after a bit of violence here and squasshing some Goblins with an idol there, the two remaining Hobgoblins surrender; introducing themselves as the Brothers Nassal, they immediately switch sides – confirming the villian’s location in the temple, but explaining that the Sea Drake is controled through the ancient Coral Crown of the island’s kings, the former possession of a Kapoacinth Ulars Bhet holds prisoner.



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