Strange Sails

Isle of the Sea Drake part 4

Comming across pit-bound captives from various ships wrecked by Ulars Bhet, the heroes decline saving them, instead hoping they may press gang them into service on their ship later. Fearing what the Brothers Nassal might do to the captives, however, The Party drops the bodies of their fallen foes into the pit – a sporting chance indeed!

Scurring through a secret passage unveild by the Hobgoblin duo, The Party enter the temple and confront Bhet’s guard Kitvel Baboons in a bon-fire lit, bronze-doored chamber. From behind one door in the din of battle, they spy the villian, only to have him elude them in combat by locking the door. Unfortunately, the monstrous apes overpower the Party; leaving them fallen and dying with Bjordin himself slipping into death. Here Skermo invokes the Raven Queen, and leaps into the bon-fire, vanishing in a puff of ash. Confronted by the Raven Queen, Bjordin learns of Skermo’s sacrifice and is offered a chance to become a Sorrowsworn; taking it, The Party are returned to life, the monsters felled and he freshly re-living touched by the Gloom.

Twarted by a locked door, The Party are aided from the otherside by Nomualket, who they learn was master of the Coral Crown and prisoner of Bhet. But the ancient Kapoacinth has since escaped, destroying the artifact. Adding that the Sea Drake is now enraged and attacking the privateers under the Dominion admiral, Nomualket reveals as secret passage used to reach the secret cove where the privateers dock their vessel.

Confronted by the sound of battle – the Sea Drake unleashed – ahead, Ulars Bhet appears beofre The Party in a puff of smoke, only to be hog-tied and gagged! Returning to check on their captives, our heroes find a lowly Dominion sailor left in the place of sailors who have made good their escape with the offered arms. Deciding to punish the wicked wizard themselves, The Party bind his hands and feet before attempting a yo-yo like move from the plateu; costing their foe his arms and legs.

Days later, The Party stand before Terris Halfjaw, collecting their reward of gold and arcane items. The flight obsessed Gnome, however, pressed the Dwarf for a means to make the Vena Cava airborn and so Halfjaw laughingly provided a map to the fabled Xhisp – fabled flying island of the Aireomancers – claiming the place a myth!



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