Strange Sails

Last Breah In Ashenport Part 2

Searching the town, our heroes find no further signs of life besides themselves. Attempting to enter one home then another they find both doors and windows bared. Pushing through the entrance of one residence, not only do The Party find furniture piled up against all openings but deep scratch marks in the wooden floor; indicating the furniture’s movement is a regular occurance. Finding a family cowering in the attic, the terrified inhabitants further relate the terrible history of the town and point to the church as concealing being the secret haven of the foul cult. At this point, however, the characters are waylaid by hideous fish people which they easily defeat, resisting again the Call of the Kraken. Examining the weapons of these creatures, both Bjordin and Kehpri translate the strange runes on their rusted weapons to read: “that which is dead does not die but in dreaming eternally lay.”

Soon, however, our heroes are approached by Pioter once more who claims that the cult has been forcing his aid, displaying numerous scars, and offers The Party food, rest and drink in the Smooth Sailing Tavern. Once inside, however, Bjordin and Kehpri partake moments before Twingo checks for poison, only to discover the taint! With the Kraken calling once more, the Minotaur and Drow are dragged into the ocean’s depths.

Struggling to save their friends, The Party retreat to the great Heart Tree which conjures an obscuring mist to hid our heroes from their foes while offering them food and drink. Rested, the adventurers feel the call once more, but are sheltered until Bjordin snaps, attacking Heart Tree. Faced with wandering itno the ocean’s depths once more the Gnome obtains the group’s great Dire Guls and undertakes a gallant rescue of all save Bjordin, who is held under by Burch – enacting nature’s wrath, drowning the Minotaur.



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