Strange Sails

Last Breath In Ashenport

The Party arrive in Ashenport amid a storm with Charme screaming to be anchored and lashed to the docks, a request granted by her crew. There they are greeted by the dock master who directs them to the Smooth Sailing Tavern, where the other merchants are gathered for the trade fair, assuming our heroes are amongst those.

In the tavern, they meet Pioter, the owner of the tavern, Terza of the Goldleaf Trading Consortium and Matthias Creel of Surrens, Creel, and Blackwell who are enthralled in a discussion of the new Dominion trade policy. Discussing the manner in which the great continental power is using their armada to enforce a trade tax in particular, Terza outlines that they it was a pirate by the name of Captain Vizil Jenkins who helped Goldleaf Trading Consortium weather a brutal privateer assault. Suspicion peaking, Bjordin initially questions then unleashes a torrent of violence at all assembled, killing the entire tavern’s patrons except Pioter. Seeking to kill all other witnesses, it is then that The Party notice something amiss in Ashenport… no building or structure stood lit, except for the tavern.

Suddenly a voice calls from the ocean, beckoning The Party towards it. While Twingo wonders if Taurgwar will make him float, his fellows barely pull free before drowning, Bjordin and Kehpri identify this as the Call of the Kraken and deduce that Ashenport is, rather than a quaint sea-side settlement, a haven for Aberrant Cultists. Amid the howl of the sea, however, Burch hears another call. Drawn to a great Heart Tree in the centre of town where they find a shattered shrine to Melora along with a band of green-cloaked cultists lying in wait…

Having dispatched the Cultists, the Heart Tree explains to Burch the town’s grim history.



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