Strange Sails

Last Breaths in Ashen Port, Part 3

With the agony of the great Heart Tree, an echo of pain sounded through the Primal energies of Deluge, answered by the Druid Incermay. With Twingo conjuring arcane air bubbles of some discovered Lyrium within the hidden temple Incermay joins The Party and together they venture to the coastal caverns beneath the town of Ashenport and into the caves. Confronting the cultists and their hideous fish people allies, The Party are beaten down and captured, awakening to find themselves prepared for sacrifice and unguarded. Escaping into the town above the depths of the Kraken’s reach is revealed as the remaining town aligns against The Party just as great tentacles rise from the ocean, dragging Ashenport and Kehpri beneath the waves, while the remainder of our heroes escape aboard Charme



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