Strange Sails

Tal's Treasure Part 2

After Captain Kehpri pulls herself away from the idol’s gaze, the Party begin examining the middle crypt, The Party find a hidden door, leading to a subterranean forth crypt; lit by an unearthly glow coming from a coffin. There they encounter the undead and on opening the lid of the coffin, rescue Veran Tal, son of Captain Tiberius Tal. Veran, after much gibbering, admits that it was he who stole the ring from his mother’s grave in the hopes of pawning it for gold (being the ring of a famous pirate). The ring itself is a curious item bearing the mark of a one-eyed skull, matching that of “Sandy” Tepesh’s tattoo.

After gaining the ring, The Party send Veran on his way and set to work examining the middle crypt again. They determine the hidden crypt once housed Captain Tiberius Tal, whose bones now appear to be up and moving somewhere, but after rescuing Kyla Tal (Veran’s wife) from another crypt the Party declare their quest done and demand money at sword-point from Mara Kes. The headwoman hesitantly agrees and the Party set about wallowing in rum and victory. Yet, no sooner has Party began to relax than Kyla Tal approaches Twingo. “Mara’s betrayed you! A Dominion ship has arrived and Mara told the shore party that you’ve robbed the town!”

Fleeing to the Vena Cava, the Party find the Dominion vessel – captained by a mysterious masked figure – blocking their way and, following their speedy departure from Scarrport and a protracted naval battle with the Dominion ship, the Party find themselves facing a boarding party with a servery depleted crew. Fortunately, the Dominion vessel was itself damaged in the fight and left to drift directionless. Facing death by sword or sea, the masked figure and his Dragonborn aid surrender and offer to join the crew; to which a naturally suspicious Party are amazed yet in little position to refuse.

The Party’s suspicions deepen when Tepesh appears, with he and the masked figure professing equal distrust and hatred between them. Noting this, Bjordin keeps the ring firmly in his pocket – revealing neither success or failure in acquiring it to both parties. Sternly, The Party reminds both the masked figure and “Sandy” Tepesh that their first task is to acquire a new crew and The Party thus sets sail for a near-by bought with the firm intention of press-ganging!



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