Strange Sails

Tal's Treasure, Part 3

The Party stop in the port of Cliffside with plans to pressgang themselves a crew. After encountering some of the locals (such as the Guvnar, who demanded rum of them, and Hydraxis, who attempted to charge a hefty thiry gold for said rum, and Wik whom they recruited from the local tavern in the process), and realizing the town is essentially a fishing village and waystation for sea-drifters, The Party decide they’d be better served hiring rather than tricking or enslaving. Visiting Marus Volt in the local temple of Melora, they learn most of the town’s current non-local residents are the survivors of a shipwreck, and have come to view Skermo the Witch Doctor and a strange shipmate of theirs as a good luck charm due to his healing skills. The surviving crew agree to ship out again only if Skermo is permitted to come along. Agreeing, the Party attempt to leave Cliffside only to be stopped by the local guards; demanding to know where the Guvnar’s rum was. Delivering the rum to the Guvnar and paying their “crew collecting” tax, The Party get on their way. The question is, which way?

Examing Tal’s ring The Party find the item turns slowly, keeping its one eye on a certain point, allowing its use as a compass. As the fabled hiding place of the treasure, looms, however, the dangers become apparent with countless dead sailors called back from the depths, demon rays, Skermo‘s fearful superstitious mutterings of the Kraken, the untimely dissappearence of “Sandy” Tepesh, and Wik’s drowning. Through this, the mysterious masked figure lingers in corners and shadows of the Vena Cava; observing in an unsettling manner. Finally, however, The Party along with Skermo set foot on Shell Island.



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