Strange Sails

The Black Spot

Following rumours of Jenkins activities at the notorious Admiral Inn, The Party arrive in Hafenport. There they are greeted by name by the inn’s Sleg-drinking Minotaur bouncers who direct them to the Tavern’s madam – Tia Maria. After a game of Liar’s Dice between some jolly sailors, Holst and Trilly McAxebeard they approach the madam inturn leads them into a trap involving a dark, windowless room and an ambush by Orcs. No sooner have the Orcs struck each of The Party, the Orcs appologise and explain their state of dept to Tia Maria. Having lost their way in rum and dice, they were forced to attack The Party and in the process, curse them with the Black Spot. With the dread mark on The Party some diplomacy from Holst agress on a mutual enemy. However, their joint attack on the madam leads to the Orcs prompt and grisley death.

Laughing at the curse she has just laid on them, Tia Maria offers The Party an exchange. Though a skilled Witch Doctor, Tia Maria cannot saver herself. Dying of lifestyle and addiction, and searching for a way to cheat the Raven Queen, Tia began to search for Old Billy’s Bones. She knew the legend but it wasn’t until Tia lifted the location of the bones (in the possession of the Orium Dragon, Fexus, on the near-by island of Fruch) from one of her customers – a blind Pirate with the tattoo of a one-eyed skull on his chest named Pew – that the she had any real hope.

About that time the Vena Cava visited the Hafenport where its new Captain, Jenkins, made a pact Tia Maria. Bonded to a Demon, Jenkins body was struggling to withstand the possession of the Demon, Vizil. Strengthening Jenkins body, Tia Maria was promised that Jenkins would then retrieve Old Billy’s Bones from Fexus. Jenkins, however, failed to come through on his part and it now stands to The Party to fulfil the bargain if they wish Tia remover her curse. Yet if the prospect of a Dragon is dire, Tia Maria further warns that Pew himself may be after Old Billy’s Bones

Providing our heroes with a sailed row boat (and after some mary jaunts in Hafenport, the adventures set out to Fruch, encountering and dispatching along the way an ominous Ghost Ship flying the flag of a one-eyed skull. Casting their eyes over the ship’s hole-riddled haul, tattered sails and crew of dead men The Party guessed neither should be above the waves and promptly sent them to Davy Jones and the Undersea after dispatching the only living crewman – a captain with a glowing hook-hand.



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