Strange Sails

The Black Spot, Part 2

Landing on Fruch and after enjoying a day of rest, The Party stormed the Dragon’s lair. After a prolonged battle with the beast, our band of heroes slayed the beast and looted the considerable treasure from his lair, including Old Billy’s Bones. With more gold than they could carry, The Party vowed to return to the island later and began the journey back to Hafenport.

On arrival, they are greeted by Pew who offers to remove the curse from The Party in exchange for Old Billy’s Bones. Rejecting the offer and threatening to give the blind man a bath loosens his tongue and the pirate then warns that Tia Maria lacks the magic to tame Old Billy’s Bones and the thing that lays within, outlining that the Fifteen Men were not simply idiots who left the secrets of eternity laying about. With the offer rejected however, Pew departs and our heroes deliver the bones to the witch.

Entering her ritual room, Tia prompty opens the coffin only to unleash a swirling vortex unleashed, along with the Ghosts of countless dead pirates. Turning blue, the witch herself appeared possessed by Old Billy himself. Though slaying Tia Old Billy leaps to the body of Trilly as a great Demonic pirate emerges from the vortex. With two chitinous hook hands, and horns rising from beneath his tri-corn, our heroes guess this is the first of the Fifteen Men. Promptly closing the coffin, all is restored to how it was before. With the curse lifted, our heroes remove the final portion of the map from Tia’s corpse.



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