Strange Sails

The Heart of the Forbidden Forge

Spending a few days of rest in Hafenport contemplating the riddle of the map while ferrying across the gold previously uncovered, they eventually note their gold supply dwindling, marked with the strange parallel of Bjordin taking nightly walks. Trailing the Minotaur, the rest of The Party discover it is not their friend undertaking these strolls but instead the possessing spirit of Gibbs. There they happen on a meeting between Gibbs and Ruggo the Red, secret king of the Gnomes. Between beating a restrained Orc with his bare knuckles, Ruggo the Red explains the secret history of the Gnomes before they came to Deluge and the true location of the flying city in the Feywild.

Charging our heroes with journeying through the portal and “checking up” on the ruins of Xhisp along with preserving any finds for later excavation and, following transport to Deluge, implimentation Ruggo the Red informs Captain Gibbs his ship is ready… Agast at this, The Party follow the spirt-hosting Minotaur to Hafenport’s docks where they are met by Charme – the ship itself! – a clockwork Live Ship and fellow Sorrowsworn along with Gibbs and Bjordin.

Here Gibbs demands The Party all sign on as crew, which they do barring Kehpri and Trilly McAxebeard (the latter thinking she is clever by having her Dire Gul sign for her)…



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