Strange Sails

The Silent Man, part 2

Jenkins arrives, reminding The Party that they need to tend and re-stock their wounded ship and its depleated stores. But there is little time for that. With the Loyal Brotherhood disgruntled by the breaking of both their rules and their tavern roof and The Party unwilling to pay for damages yet demainding the one remaining reptile-man for interrogation, a compromise is met – gambling! Purposing to let the criminal go, our heroes are tasked with chasing him down for their interrogation. With bets placed, the odds of a band of adventurers being bested by one lone Lizardfolk being slim payout for the failure of the adventurers is enormus. With that in mind, the Loyal Brotherhood order them not to return with proof of their victory; effectively rigging the contest.

With the capturing of the errant Lizardfolk and whisked to the hold of their ship and returing to the Stoned Pixie empty handed, the The Party find Jenkins drunk and enraged at the recent treatment of the crew. Here the staunch Dwarf Bosun negotiates the shipman to undertake the repairs in his new position as First Mate on the priviso that he both gains an equal share in all adventures and trains as an additional and active companion to The Party.

Meanwhile back at the boat Twingo checks on his potential new Dire Gul breeder only to find a monstrous two-headed abomination of a seagull. Soon joined by his companions who together interrogate the captive Lizardfolk which, while fruitfully revealing the Maw cult’s hideout, is cut short when the monstrous seagull bites the interrogatee in half. Proceeding to destroy the two headed freak, pause is given by one question from the monster “why?” Pausing with the realization the creature is sentient, the ceasefire is short lived as much of The Party deem the monster too horrid to live, and finish it off. Discovering eggs below decks, one is delivered to High Lord Kranak, two are kept and the fourth gifted to Vizil.

Heading to the cult’s hideout, our heroes destroy their forces there – discovering a map of ambush sites and a secret door leading to Scarrport’s hideous under-realm…



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