Strange Sails

The Silent Man, part 3

Travelling down the passage, The Party find themselves at the ocean beyond Scarrport and spot a very familiar ship sailing off into the distance with a hellish storm-wind behind it. Though their Dire Guls flap slowly towards land in the distance, our heroes curse Vizil and Jenkins for the loss of their loot. They likewise abuse and beat the ship’s master who had collasped from a recently aquired addiction. Leaving Bjordin there to rot, The Party appeal to High Lord Kranak for a new vessel and acquire the Flotsam Dragon.

Towing the Flotsam Dragon out to see, and crossing several ambush points, The Party the Zaratan of the Maw emerges from beneath the waves, with the pirates in question along its shores who fire on the Flotsam Dragon with catapults from shore. Defeating these pirates, The Party make their way inland battling Cannibal Halflings, Drakes, Behemoths and other jungle horrors before making their way to the volcano in the centre of the shell. Battling their way through Snaketongue’s and giant elemental Snakes, The Party stand before the leader of the cult himself…



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