Strange Sails

The Silent Maw, part 1

In Cliffside The Party describe their victory to the Guvnar and demand of him their reward; a second fourth of the map to the flying island. Attempting to collect their crew in perparation for the local cleric’s ressurection of Jenkins, they discover their men having acquired a huge dept in the local tavern numbering in the hundreds of gold. Instead of paying the dept, Bjordin & Trilly McAxebeard murdered their crew, sold them to Hydraxis (to in turn to be sold to Necromancers) and prompty after acquiring Jenkins’ ressurection, recruited a new crew.

Hearing from the Guvnar that he once possessed the full map, only to trade one to a half-jawed Dwarf (the first acquired by The Party), another he gave to High Lord Kranak of Scarrport and the fourth he lost in the belly of Motley Doug.

After a robbery and murder in Cliffside by Bjordin, a day’s sail and expressions of affection from Vizil to The Party, the band arrive at Scarrport. Here our heroes make a mostly fantastic entrance to High Lord Kranak‘s stronghold on their Dire Guls, muddied only by Bjordin being drunk and crashign is bird. There High Lord Kranak outlined the terms with which he would part with his portion of the map. Scarrport, it seemed, was being extorted by a cult of the Silent Maw and a group of uncatchable pirates attacking most ships approaching port. Mostly Lizardfolk immigrants from the far north, the cult claims that any ship not baring their cult’s sigil is either doomed or lucky (such as The Party). After approaching Ghodon armourers in a market who promised to make katar’s fitted to the beaks of Dire Guls for a fee, our heroes confronted a preacher of the Silent Maw’s gospel outside the Stoned Pixie taven and employing their Dire Guls as a god, mocked the sermon.

Applauded and awarded drinks by the patrons, The Party acquire a tavern room then follow the preacher’s trail to a run-down tavern where they harrass poor Lizardfolk to a dead end before scattering for the night. While Kehpri and Twingo tend the Dire Guls (including feeding acquired Lyrium to a female seagull in order to produce a mate for the all-male population and egg as gift for High Lord Kranak), Bjordin and Trilly smoked the stuff with Jenkins and Vizil. Meanwhile Holst awaited the return of his comrades, only to be ambushed by Lizardfolk and monstrous crodile. When the rest of his Party return, they find Holst partially devoured. Beating back the Lizardfolk, the Loyal Brotherhood finish the work with one of the foes remaining.



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