Strange Sails

Tomb of Horrors

After looting the body of their fallen comrad, Trilly McAxebeard and stuffing her body into a bag of holding, The Party enter the rum shop and are greeted by a shop owner who appears a twin to the Brothers Mu and Fanchu. After wishing to see a “special bottle” our heroes are taken to the basement, where they discover The Impossible Treasure Fleet trapped in rum bottles lining the basement from ceiling to floor. Before they can respond, the rum-merchant offers the characters “their” bottle, which – on looking inside – they spie the Vena Cava and suddenly fiding themselves on its deck, surrounded by their new crew.

Meanwhile, the Goliath tribes of Thycir have found themselves plagued by strange Necrotic-corrupted Fey originating from a ruin on their island known as the Garden of Graves, a place seeped in the power of the grand lich and recently sort by the mysterious and masked Edard Blackstone. With the other Blackstone arriving shortly after, in response, the Goliath Chieftain of the isle sent both the other Blackstone and a hefty barbarian warrior to dispatch the monsters.

Walking along the beech, the duo find a ship familiar to Blackstone, the Vena Cava which has found itself in strange waters of Lyrium where there should be salt, anchored near a dark island, the characters are greeted from the shore. Venturing across the strange waters, Twingo is greeted by Blackstone. Learning they are trapped within the Impossible Archipelago, the The Party and Kavaki form a compact – venturing into the Garden of Graves with the The Party seeking some means of returning to Deluge therein, battling their way past sinister rhymes, puzzled Crone statues and sinister Spriggans.



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