Strange Sails

Vessel From Beyond

Arriving in Cliffside on their search for the Guvnar’s portion of the map to Xhisp, The Party discover the Disgruntled Kobald docked there. Meanwhile, however, their crew have come to venerate dead Jenkins as a saint and demand his ressurection with the ship’s officers footing the cost. Taking to both the tavern and temple of the sea goddess, it is apparent Skermo was a fondly remembered member of the community and his lack of presence is sorely missed given the townships current troubles; disappearing fishermen, weird mutants (a cross between a lobster, dragon and octopus – whimsically called a Dracobster), strange weather, and visitation by mysterious masked folk all plague the town since the Disgruntled Kobald. Agreeing to end their troubles in exchange for service, the adventurers settle down on their vessel for the night only to be awoken by a sudden storm tearing their ship free from the dock and driving it towards the rocks along with the presence of a weird mutant; a Dragobster. No sooner is one situation dealt with then the Disgruntled Kobald attacks, but its crew appear to be no normal Kobald, but instead some strange twisted breed which explodes upon death.

Investigating the enemy ship, the Party discover a chest in which their lost friend, Bjordin was bound. Of his quest for the Raven Queen the Minotaur claims to have been charged with thwarting the a plot of the Mi-Go on the distant Yuggoth, and though successful, the strange fungus-insects overpowered him. Surprised as he was to find himself on Deluge, investigation below decks reveals a number of the Mi-Go themselves along with a sphere of arcane energy which serves as a teleporter. Stepping through the sphere, The Party find themselves inside a Mi-Go [[aether ship] and here Holst notes a terrifying similiarity between the ship and the architecture of lost Riileth. Confronting yet another of the hideous creatures in a strange laboritory – where not only undeveloped Dracobster’s can be seen but also several Brains kept alive a psionically empowered in jars – the Party find themselves with the masked man…

…and his enormous portal to another Sphere before which he was conducting a ritual to bind a Demon located on the otherside which the adventurer’s entry onto the ship disrupted. While Bjordin bravely charged through the gate, he was forced back by the Demon which promptly introduced itself as Vizil, and displayed its contempt for the masked man by burning him alive. Vizil then promptly asked permission to travel with the Party to a safe port, which they accepted hoping to shed light on the mysterious masked men who they have now encountered twice.



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