Strange Sails

Heart of the Forbidden Forge, Part 2

In the days that followed their discovery of Gibbs’ actions, Kehpri distanced herself from the new captain’s new crew only to be visted by the Queen of Crows who treatened the undead Drow with true death, should she not remain with The Party, adding the dire allusion to Kehpri being woven out of some grand and terrible destiny the Lady of Fate has written for our heroes “upon the stars themselves…”.

All gathered aboard Charme, The Party sail through a swirling vortex to find themselves cast into a land-locked forrest clearing. This dire news for Charme only worsens as the ship herself, Gibbs and Bjordin – all three bound to the Raven Queen – found themselves unconscious. Stranger still, the Dire Guls found themselves likewise altered – gifted with sentient thought and the capacity for verbal communication! Kehpri soon became likewise changed by the trip through the vortex, showing the visible signs of decay on her previously life-like body! At this Twingo deduces that The Party has entered Sphere of Life, home of the Fey; counterbalance to the Raven Queen’s own Sphere of Death.

After fierce negotiation with their mounts, The Party manage to convince the birds to accompany them on their adventure to Xhisp. Flying from the clearing – leaving the unconscious members of the crew to their fates – The Party encounter a massive dig site before a yawning open cave mouth. Here they find the ruins of Xhisp being excavated along with a band of Coal Goblins using a strange, partially reconstructed ship as a guard tower. Besting the monsters, the ship is soon revealed under Twingo’s arcane expertise to be an Elemental-powered Airship – the work of anceint Aireomancers! Advancing into the excavated caves, The Party encounter a legion of Hobgoblins; the soldiers of Nachtur. Faced with these fearsome Goblins, the decaying Drow was pounded into oblivion before being saved her fellows, finding herself faced with Grandfather Tree who attempted to absorb her soul as a creature of The Rot.

The Heart of the Forbidden Forge

Spending a few days of rest in Hafenport contemplating the riddle of the map while ferrying across the gold previously uncovered, they eventually note their gold supply dwindling, marked with the strange parallel of Bjordin taking nightly walks. Trailing the Minotaur, the rest of The Party discover it is not their friend undertaking these strolls but instead the possessing spirit of Gibbs. There they happen on a meeting between Gibbs and Ruggo the Red, secret king of the Gnomes. Between beating a restrained Orc with his bare knuckles, Ruggo the Red explains the secret history of the Gnomes before they came to Deluge and the true location of the flying city in the Feywild.

Charging our heroes with journeying through the portal and “checking up” on the ruins of Xhisp along with preserving any finds for later excavation and, following transport to Deluge, implimentation Ruggo the Red informs Captain Gibbs his ship is ready… Agast at this, The Party follow the spirt-hosting Minotaur to Hafenport’s docks where they are met by Charme – the ship itself! – a clockwork Live Ship and fellow Sorrowsworn along with Gibbs and Bjordin.

Here Gibbs demands The Party all sign on as crew, which they do barring Kehpri and Trilly McAxebeard (the latter thinking she is clever by having her Dire Gul sign for her)…

The Black Spot, Part 2

Landing on Fruch and after enjoying a day of rest, The Party stormed the Dragon’s lair. After a prolonged battle with the beast, our band of heroes slayed the beast and looted the considerable treasure from his lair, including Old Billy’s Bones. With more gold than they could carry, The Party vowed to return to the island later and began the journey back to Hafenport.

On arrival, they are greeted by Pew who offers to remove the curse from The Party in exchange for Old Billy’s Bones. Rejecting the offer and threatening to give the blind man a bath loosens his tongue and the pirate then warns that Tia Maria lacks the magic to tame Old Billy’s Bones and the thing that lays within, outlining that the Fifteen Men were not simply idiots who left the secrets of eternity laying about. With the offer rejected however, Pew departs and our heroes deliver the bones to the witch.

Entering her ritual room, Tia prompty opens the coffin only to unleash a swirling vortex unleashed, along with the Ghosts of countless dead pirates. Turning blue, the witch herself appeared possessed by Old Billy himself. Though slaying Tia Old Billy leaps to the body of Trilly as a great Demonic pirate emerges from the vortex. With two chitinous hook hands, and horns rising from beneath his tri-corn, our heroes guess this is the first of the Fifteen Men. Promptly closing the coffin, all is restored to how it was before. With the curse lifted, our heroes remove the final portion of the map from Tia’s corpse.

The Black Spot

Following rumours of Jenkins activities at the notorious Admiral Inn, The Party arrive in Hafenport. There they are greeted by name by the inn’s Sleg-drinking Minotaur bouncers who direct them to the Tavern’s madam – Tia Maria. After a game of Liar’s Dice between some jolly sailors, Holst and Trilly McAxebeard they approach the madam inturn leads them into a trap involving a dark, windowless room and an ambush by Orcs. No sooner have the Orcs struck each of The Party, the Orcs appologise and explain their state of dept to Tia Maria. Having lost their way in rum and dice, they were forced to attack The Party and in the process, curse them with the Black Spot. With the dread mark on The Party some diplomacy from Holst agress on a mutual enemy. However, their joint attack on the madam leads to the Orcs prompt and grisley death.

Laughing at the curse she has just laid on them, Tia Maria offers The Party an exchange. Though a skilled Witch Doctor, Tia Maria cannot saver herself. Dying of lifestyle and addiction, and searching for a way to cheat the Raven Queen, Tia began to search for Old Billy’s Bones. She knew the legend but it wasn’t until Tia lifted the location of the bones (in the possession of the Orium Dragon, Fexus, on the near-by island of Fruch) from one of her customers – a blind Pirate with the tattoo of a one-eyed skull on his chest named Pew – that the she had any real hope.

About that time the Vena Cava visited the Hafenport where its new Captain, Jenkins, made a pact Tia Maria. Bonded to a Demon, Jenkins body was struggling to withstand the possession of the Demon, Vizil. Strengthening Jenkins body, Tia Maria was promised that Jenkins would then retrieve Old Billy’s Bones from Fexus. Jenkins, however, failed to come through on his part and it now stands to The Party to fulfil the bargain if they wish Tia remover her curse. Yet if the prospect of a Dragon is dire, Tia Maria further warns that Pew himself may be after Old Billy’s Bones

Providing our heroes with a sailed row boat (and after some mary jaunts in Hafenport, the adventures set out to Fruch, encountering and dispatching along the way an ominous Ghost Ship flying the flag of a one-eyed skull. Casting their eyes over the ship’s hole-riddled haul, tattered sails and crew of dead men The Party guessed neither should be above the waves and promptly sent them to Davy Jones and the Undersea after dispatching the only living crewman – a captain with a glowing hook-hand.

The Silent Man, part 4

Facing the Snaketongue Cleric, his followers and the monstrous crocodile they sacrifice to the Maw through did not go well for The Party with the deaths of Bjordin and Holst, though Trilly McAxebeard managed to defeat the greatest threats alone.

Faced with the Raven Queen once more, the pair bicker and find themselves encased in a block of ice. There Bjordin is confronted by the ghost of Gibbs, who demands the life of the Minotaur – citing a cryptic bargain. Taken to storage for later, an Angel of Erathis appears claiming Holst as one of his gods’ faithful and demanding the Raven Queen release his soul, tearing the Halfling from the ice. Refusing, a tense standoff ensues before Bjordin breaks free. Making use of the distraction, the Angel of Erathis uses his power to ressurect Holst. Disgruntled, the Raven Queen both grants Gibbs and Bjordin the latters life, returning them both to Deluge in the one body.

Returning to Scarrport, The Party recieve their reward from High Lord Kranak; another fourth of the map to Xhisp. There they also retreive the weaponry for their Dire Guls from the Ghodon. Meanwhile Bjordin grapples with both Gibbs’ desires and the strange will of the goddess, she appears before him and demands that – to undo his curse – the Minotaur ends the life of the Kraken who defies her by laying “dead but dreaming” in his sunken tomb-city.

Shopping for a new ship shortly after, The Party come across Gorgon the Live Ship and its peg-legged Piterin Captian, Count Largosi; laughing at the ridiculous looking creature…

The Silent Man, part 3

Travelling down the passage, The Party find themselves at the ocean beyond Scarrport and spot a very familiar ship sailing off into the distance with a hellish storm-wind behind it. Though their Dire Guls flap slowly towards land in the distance, our heroes curse Vizil and Jenkins for the loss of their loot. They likewise abuse and beat the ship’s master who had collasped from a recently aquired addiction. Leaving Bjordin there to rot, The Party appeal to High Lord Kranak for a new vessel and acquire the Flotsam Dragon.

Towing the Flotsam Dragon out to see, and crossing several ambush points, The Party the Zaratan of the Maw emerges from beneath the waves, with the pirates in question along its shores who fire on the Flotsam Dragon with catapults from shore. Defeating these pirates, The Party make their way inland battling Cannibal Halflings, Drakes, Behemoths and other jungle horrors before making their way to the volcano in the centre of the shell. Battling their way through Snaketongue’s and giant elemental Snakes, The Party stand before the leader of the cult himself…

The Silent Man, part 2

Jenkins arrives, reminding The Party that they need to tend and re-stock their wounded ship and its depleated stores. But there is little time for that. With the Loyal Brotherhood disgruntled by the breaking of both their rules and their tavern roof and The Party unwilling to pay for damages yet demainding the one remaining reptile-man for interrogation, a compromise is met – gambling! Purposing to let the criminal go, our heroes are tasked with chasing him down for their interrogation. With bets placed, the odds of a band of adventurers being bested by one lone Lizardfolk being slim payout for the failure of the adventurers is enormus. With that in mind, the Loyal Brotherhood order them not to return with proof of their victory; effectively rigging the contest.

With the capturing of the errant Lizardfolk and whisked to the hold of their ship and returing to the Stoned Pixie empty handed, the The Party find Jenkins drunk and enraged at the recent treatment of the crew. Here the staunch Dwarf Bosun negotiates the shipman to undertake the repairs in his new position as First Mate on the priviso that he both gains an equal share in all adventures and trains as an additional and active companion to The Party.

Meanwhile back at the boat Twingo checks on his potential new Dire Gul breeder only to find a monstrous two-headed abomination of a seagull. Soon joined by his companions who together interrogate the captive Lizardfolk which, while fruitfully revealing the Maw cult’s hideout, is cut short when the monstrous seagull bites the interrogatee in half. Proceeding to destroy the two headed freak, pause is given by one question from the monster “why?” Pausing with the realization the creature is sentient, the ceasefire is short lived as much of The Party deem the monster too horrid to live, and finish it off. Discovering eggs below decks, one is delivered to High Lord Kranak, two are kept and the fourth gifted to Vizil.

Heading to the cult’s hideout, our heroes destroy their forces there – discovering a map of ambush sites and a secret door leading to Scarrport’s hideous under-realm…

The Silent Maw, part 1

In Cliffside The Party describe their victory to the Guvnar and demand of him their reward; a second fourth of the map to the flying island. Attempting to collect their crew in perparation for the local cleric’s ressurection of Jenkins, they discover their men having acquired a huge dept in the local tavern numbering in the hundreds of gold. Instead of paying the dept, Bjordin & Trilly McAxebeard murdered their crew, sold them to Hydraxis (to in turn to be sold to Necromancers) and prompty after acquiring Jenkins’ ressurection, recruited a new crew.

Hearing from the Guvnar that he once possessed the full map, only to trade one to a half-jawed Dwarf (the first acquired by The Party), another he gave to High Lord Kranak of Scarrport and the fourth he lost in the belly of Motley Doug.

After a robbery and murder in Cliffside by Bjordin, a day’s sail and expressions of affection from Vizil to The Party, the band arrive at Scarrport. Here our heroes make a mostly fantastic entrance to High Lord Kranak‘s stronghold on their Dire Guls, muddied only by Bjordin being drunk and crashign is bird. There High Lord Kranak outlined the terms with which he would part with his portion of the map. Scarrport, it seemed, was being extorted by a cult of the Silent Maw and a group of uncatchable pirates attacking most ships approaching port. Mostly Lizardfolk immigrants from the far north, the cult claims that any ship not baring their cult’s sigil is either doomed or lucky (such as The Party). After approaching Ghodon armourers in a market who promised to make katar’s fitted to the beaks of Dire Guls for a fee, our heroes confronted a preacher of the Silent Maw’s gospel outside the Stoned Pixie taven and employing their Dire Guls as a god, mocked the sermon.

Applauded and awarded drinks by the patrons, The Party acquire a tavern room then follow the preacher’s trail to a run-down tavern where they harrass poor Lizardfolk to a dead end before scattering for the night. While Kehpri and Twingo tend the Dire Guls (including feeding acquired Lyrium to a female seagull in order to produce a mate for the all-male population and egg as gift for High Lord Kranak), Bjordin and Trilly smoked the stuff with Jenkins and Vizil. Meanwhile Holst awaited the return of his comrades, only to be ambushed by Lizardfolk and monstrous crodile. When the rest of his Party return, they find Holst partially devoured. Beating back the Lizardfolk, the Loyal Brotherhood finish the work with one of the foes remaining.

Vessel From Beyond

Arriving in Cliffside on their search for the Guvnar’s portion of the map to Xhisp, The Party discover the Disgruntled Kobald docked there. Meanwhile, however, their crew have come to venerate dead Jenkins as a saint and demand his ressurection with the ship’s officers footing the cost. Taking to both the tavern and temple of the sea goddess, it is apparent Skermo was a fondly remembered member of the community and his lack of presence is sorely missed given the townships current troubles; disappearing fishermen, weird mutants (a cross between a lobster, dragon and octopus – whimsically called a Dracobster), strange weather, and visitation by mysterious masked folk all plague the town since the Disgruntled Kobald. Agreeing to end their troubles in exchange for service, the adventurers settle down on their vessel for the night only to be awoken by a sudden storm tearing their ship free from the dock and driving it towards the rocks along with the presence of a weird mutant; a Dragobster. No sooner is one situation dealt with then the Disgruntled Kobald attacks, but its crew appear to be no normal Kobald, but instead some strange twisted breed which explodes upon death.

Investigating the enemy ship, the Party discover a chest in which their lost friend, Bjordin was bound. Of his quest for the Raven Queen the Minotaur claims to have been charged with thwarting the a plot of the Mi-Go on the distant Yuggoth, and though successful, the strange fungus-insects overpowered him. Surprised as he was to find himself on Deluge, investigation below decks reveals a number of the Mi-Go themselves along with a sphere of arcane energy which serves as a teleporter. Stepping through the sphere, The Party find themselves inside a Mi-Go [[aether ship] and here Holst notes a terrifying similiarity between the ship and the architecture of lost Riileth. Confronting yet another of the hideous creatures in a strange laboritory – where not only undeveloped Dracobster’s can be seen but also several Brains kept alive a psionically empowered in jars – the Party find themselves with the masked man…

…and his enormous portal to another Sphere before which he was conducting a ritual to bind a Demon located on the otherside which the adventurer’s entry onto the ship disrupted. While Bjordin bravely charged through the gate, he was forced back by the Demon which promptly introduced itself as Vizil, and displayed its contempt for the masked man by burning him alive. Vizil then promptly asked permission to travel with the Party to a safe port, which they accepted hoping to shed light on the mysterious masked men who they have now encountered twice.

Cannibal's Triangle, part 3

Returning from the Ghost Ship, The Party find Holst adrift. Holst and the pirate crew recognize each other by reputation and with some reservation, the latter agree to take the Halfling with them (motivated strongly by plumes of smoke arising from the Vena Cava). Landing their Dire Guls The Party find Tellior smouldering while clutching the Orb of Light. Indicating their presence is demanded below decks, it is soon discovered that much of the crew had been transformed into blood sucking undead at the fangs of “Sandy” Tepesh. Some however, mostly those who have rallied around young Jenkins have refused and paid for refusal with his life. In the battle that follows, which included the a certain Gnome using Dire Guls to violently rock the ship, several old scores were settled. With the death of the corrupted crew, an Albatross appeared, guiding the Vena Cava back across worlds to Deluge.


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