Strange Sails

Vessel From Beyond

Arriving in Cliffside on their search for the Guvnar’s portion of the map to Xhisp, The Party discover the Disgruntled Kobald docked there. Meanwhile, however, their crew have come to venerate dead Jenkins as a saint and demand his ressurection with the ship’s officers footing the cost. Taking to both the tavern and temple of the sea goddess, it is apparent Skermo was a fondly remembered member of the community and his lack of presence is sorely missed given the townships current troubles; disappearing fishermen, weird mutants (a cross between a lobster, dragon and octopus – whimsically called a Dracobster), strange weather, and visitation by mysterious masked folk all plague the town since the Disgruntled Kobald. Agreeing to end their troubles in exchange for service, the adventurers settle down on their vessel for the night only to be awoken by a sudden storm tearing their ship free from the dock and driving it towards the rocks along with the presence of a weird mutant; a Dragobster. No sooner is one situation dealt with then the Disgruntled Kobald attacks, but its crew appear to be no normal Kobald, but instead some strange twisted breed which explodes upon death.

Investigating the enemy ship, the Party discover a chest in which their lost friend, Bjordin was bound. Of his quest for the Raven Queen the Minotaur claims to have been charged with thwarting the a plot of the Mi-Go on the distant Yuggoth, and though successful, the strange fungus-insects overpowered him. Surprised as he was to find himself on Deluge, investigation below decks reveals a number of the Mi-Go themselves along with a sphere of arcane energy which serves as a teleporter. Stepping through the sphere, The Party find themselves inside a Mi-Go [[aether ship] and here Holst notes a terrifying similiarity between the ship and the architecture of lost Riileth. Confronting yet another of the hideous creatures in a strange laboritory – where not only undeveloped Dracobster’s can be seen but also several Brains kept alive a psionically empowered in jars – the Party find themselves with the masked man…

…and his enormous portal to another Sphere before which he was conducting a ritual to bind a Demon located on the otherside which the adventurer’s entry onto the ship disrupted. While Bjordin bravely charged through the gate, he was forced back by the Demon which promptly introduced itself as Vizil, and displayed its contempt for the masked man by burning him alive. Vizil then promptly asked permission to travel with the Party to a safe port, which they accepted hoping to shed light on the mysterious masked men who they have now encountered twice.

Cannibal's Triangle, part 3

Returning from the Ghost Ship, The Party find Holst adrift. Holst and the pirate crew recognize each other by reputation and with some reservation, the latter agree to take the Halfling with them (motivated strongly by plumes of smoke arising from the Vena Cava). Landing their Dire Guls The Party find Tellior smouldering while clutching the Orb of Light. Indicating their presence is demanded below decks, it is soon discovered that much of the crew had been transformed into blood sucking undead at the fangs of “Sandy” Tepesh. Some however, mostly those who have rallied around young Jenkins have refused and paid for refusal with his life. In the battle that follows, which included the a certain Gnome using Dire Guls to violently rock the ship, several old scores were settled. With the death of the corrupted crew, an Albatross appeared, guiding the Vena Cava back across worlds to Deluge.

Cannibal's Triangle, part 2

Still trapped within Cannibal’s Triangle, The Party awake to find Bjordin missing. In his place is an Angel of the Raven Queen who proclaims that his companions neither seek nor mourn the Minotaur’s absence; explaining that he is one a quest for the Death Goddess. Noting their crew also missing from deck, The Party venture to the Ghost Ship which loomed across the waters. Rowing there, they meet a pair of Angels in the captain’s cabbin chained to the floor. For this the beings blame the Vampire “Sandy” Tepesh who has since tortured them for their “cosmic secrets.” Begging for freedom the shrewd adventurers note the gnawed bones littered about the cabbin floor. This the Angels blame on Ghouls which reside below decks.

Investigating and nearly dying in the process, The Party find that flesh eating Undead indeed do reside below the decks and the group resolve themselves to solve the puzzle imprisoning the Angels in exchange for the trick of ecape: that a vessel must be free from cannibalism (including all eaters of highly sentient creatures). No sooner then they are freed, however, then the Angels true nature as flesh-hungry monsters is revealed; costing Kehpri and Trilly McAxebeard their lives.

Though Twingo was able to save the Dwarf, the Captain found herself carried by a crow to Lethernia where she was sent plummiting into the storm of souls that churns around the pinnacle of the fortress. Saving herself from eternity within the storm, Kehpri was dragged before the Raven Queen who decided to make a game of the Drow; holding possession over her soul while ressurecting her body as a Revenant.

Cannibal's Triangle, part 1

Searching for fabled Xhisp, using the map given to them by Terris Halfjaw our heroes have come to understrand they possess only one fourth of the map. Rumour suggest that an old acquaintance may possess another fourth. On their way to the Bronze Island, however, the Vena Cava comes near a Golden Monkey trade vessel and gives chase with young Jenkins leading the crew’s screams for blood, boarding it. Raising a literal black flag and declaring no quarter, the crew overcome the Warforged Marines – particularly with the aid of their Dire Guls – and slaughter the rival crew and loot the vessel.

Declaring the loot to be divided with no stealing tolerated, Bjordin notes that Tellior has a glowing pocket. After a brief, hard word from the Bosun Tellior reveals his prize to be an Orb of Light. Passing it around the officers, the Orb of Light declares not one is worthy to hold it demanding it be given to one who fights the Undead (particularly the Masked Brotherhood); with Tellior being the closest of all. Soon, however, the Mists roll in and the crew panic as they realize they have drifted into Cannibal’s Triangle

Later a frantic Jenkins approaches The Party, showing them that the food of the ship has spoiled and its drink turned to blood. He also takes them to several dead crew, which they discern – from the ashen, empty bodies and wounds in the neck – to be the work of a stowaway Vampire.

A tapping on the side of their vessel alerts The Party to a small boat that has come up beside theirs; containing a Dwarf who introduces himself as Gimmel of the Rocky Shore Clan. Initially claiming to be a castaway lost, a failed attempt at seduction on Trilly McAxebeard reveals the truth. Gimmel of the Rocky Shore Clan was not the only soul lost; but a lack of food drove him to cannibalism. Suddenly, three Pathodaemon from within his belly. Once defeated, noting the lack of wind and the slackness of their sails, Twingo rigs up the ship’s seagulls to tow it beyond the Mists

Isle of the Sea Drake part 4

Comming across pit-bound captives from various ships wrecked by Ulars Bhet, the heroes decline saving them, instead hoping they may press gang them into service on their ship later. Fearing what the Brothers Nassal might do to the captives, however, The Party drops the bodies of their fallen foes into the pit – a sporting chance indeed!

Scurring through a secret passage unveild by the Hobgoblin duo, The Party enter the temple and confront Bhet’s guard Kitvel Baboons in a bon-fire lit, bronze-doored chamber. From behind one door in the din of battle, they spy the villian, only to have him elude them in combat by locking the door. Unfortunately, the monstrous apes overpower the Party; leaving them fallen and dying with Bjordin himself slipping into death. Here Skermo invokes the Raven Queen, and leaps into the bon-fire, vanishing in a puff of ash. Confronted by the Raven Queen, Bjordin learns of Skermo’s sacrifice and is offered a chance to become a Sorrowsworn; taking it, The Party are returned to life, the monsters felled and he freshly re-living touched by the Gloom.

Twarted by a locked door, The Party are aided from the otherside by Nomualket, who they learn was master of the Coral Crown and prisoner of Bhet. But the ancient Kapoacinth has since escaped, destroying the artifact. Adding that the Sea Drake is now enraged and attacking the privateers under the Dominion admiral, Nomualket reveals as secret passage used to reach the secret cove where the privateers dock their vessel.

Confronted by the sound of battle – the Sea Drake unleashed – ahead, Ulars Bhet appears beofre The Party in a puff of smoke, only to be hog-tied and gagged! Returning to check on their captives, our heroes find a lowly Dominion sailor left in the place of sailors who have made good their escape with the offered arms. Deciding to punish the wicked wizard themselves, The Party bind his hands and feet before attempting a yo-yo like move from the plateu; costing their foe his arms and legs.

Days later, The Party stand before Terris Halfjaw, collecting their reward of gold and arcane items. The flight obsessed Gnome, however, pressed the Dwarf for a means to make the Vena Cava airborn and so Halfjaw laughingly provided a map to the fabled Xhisp – fabled flying island of the Aireomancers – claiming the place a myth!

Isle of the Sea Drake part 3

On the second half of the island The Party scan the horizon, noting a tall mountain range leading to a high plateu. There they spot signs of settment. Treking through the jungle, across the mountains and up the plateu they prepar for the final battle with Ulars Bhet.

From their initial position, The Party scout the mystrious dead city atop it. Inside they find the pale stones of ruined buildings dot streets, the broken bones of Xulmec civilization. Most surprisingly of all, however, The Party fund the city is not abandoned. Smoke lazily crawls up to the sky from dozens of ruins and once inside, while his fellows hide in the shadows, the clumsy Minotaur stumbles into the locals. There he finds not only the old, young and women of the city, but also the Privateers guarding them. After a scuffle with both the local native warriors and Bhet’s men, our brave heroes take refuge in a ruin occupied by absent Privateers, discovering a concealed weapons cache of Alchemists Fire.

Scouting ahead, only to find hordes of the city’s dead awake and walking, The Party plunge back into the jungle and spend two more days treking to in a round-about fashion to the temple where they assume Ulars Bhet has made his lair. Confronting a ruined path flanked by massive idols, The Party manage to get the drop on a camp of Goblins and Hobgoblins in Dominion uniforms, roasting meat on flames beltched from a bound Imp, as though it were a campfire. But after a bit of violence here and squasshing some Goblins with an idol there, the two remaining Hobgoblins surrender; introducing themselves as the Brothers Nassal, they immediately switch sides – confirming the villian’s location in the temple, but explaining that the Sea Drake is controled through the ancient Coral Crown of the island’s kings, the former possession of a Kapoacinth Ulars Bhet holds prisoner.

Isle of the Sea Drake part 2

Arriving at Zochi’s village, The Party find it in the grips of foul privateers of Ulars Bhet and his allies. The elder outlines that the leader of these privateers dwells in a hut at the village’s centre, but also states that most of his forces are out hunting; leaving only a few guards to stand over the enslaved villages held hostage in the centre to ensure the rest of the people’s passivity. Liberating the village, our brave heroes are told that the privateer and cannibal hunting parties have been missing for several days. Seeing their chance, The Party begin to trek through the jungle to the slender, semi-submerged low-tide land-bridge connecting the two islands; ready to strike at Ulars Bhet.

Along the way, The Party happen across a band of Goblin privateers with a strange Human trapped in a cage. With a tattoo of a jaguar on his chest and clad in the skin of the “self-same” beast the man is a curiosity indeed. Defeating the Goblin‘s and freeing him, they learn that the man is Lord Blackstone. Although somewhat rude to him, Lord Blackstone glibly outlines how he came to be on the island. Though they offer him a place on their ship (to which he agrees), Blackstone sneaks off in the night leaving The Party to venture across the land-bridge – facing its Zombie menace – alone before they finally set foot on Comiqui’s darker half…

Isle of the Sea Drake part 1

Whilst docked in Vor Rukoth’s pirate port of Redwater Cove, our brave seafolk both enjoy their wealth and deal with matters at hand; firstly dismissing the masked figure from their company. Before leaving, however, the masked figure warns that our heroes have become involved with a web of secret societies that spans the world and that they are now “as pawns on a chessboard.”

Later, Twingo goes to check on the seagul he fed on Lyrium and finds it not only grown to a monstrous size, but that Skermo has also stolen into the captians cabin and taken the remainder of the substance, feeding it to four mour seaguls. While The Party are initially angry, the witch doctor assures them that these soon-to-be Dire Guls will be large enough, and thanks to Skermo – tame enough, to ride. However, on spying the hideous appetite of the giant guls and their feasting on their lesser fellows, Twingo and Bjordin soon ventured to Vor Rukoth‘s shanty town of adventurers – Coyote’s Refuge. Resupplying, the pair are soon directed to Terris Halfjaw; a Dwarf with a need for adventurers.

Outlining that Dominion privateer captain Ulars Bhet has set up on the nearby island of Comiqui and is using a bound sea monster to interrupt the slave trade out of Vor Rukoth to Turak-tol. Agreeing to the adventuring fee of their current supplies for free and the full profit of the first safe slave ship through, The Party set about recruiting Captain Shaggy to aid their quest. On arriving at the island, however, a clear tropical sky soon gives way to a volitile storm as Shaggy‘s ship is reduced to timbers by the islands dread sea monster; a massive Sea Drake. With thier own ship cracked on Comiqui’s shore, Skermo shrewdly points out that there is clearly something magical behind the storms sudden appearance and departure.

Leaving their crew to guard the ship, The Party set out to explore the island. After battling Savage Human headhunters ledt by privateers, The Party meet Zochi, who informs them that there are two tribes on the island; one supporting Ulars Bhet, and the enslaved by them. Zochi then begs The Party to help ride the island of Bhet’s privateers who are maintaining control of the island and its native sea-monster through control of a mystic crown that marked the office of Comiqui’s ancient kingship.

From here, The Party agree to journey to and liberate Zochi’s village…

Tal's Treasure, Part 4

Finally setting foot upon Shell Island, The Party are ambushed by the fabled tribe of Savage Elves frothing at the invasion of their home. On overcoming the savages, our brave heroes venture into the inner shell where they find rough dwellings and an alter where the bones of Captain Tiberius Tal sit, worshipped as a god by the inhabitants of the island. Venturing upward, The Party find Tal’s fabled treasure – a heft sum of gold, silver, gems and Lyrium – along with a Savage Gnome Witch Doctor and his undead minions around an idol of the Kraken which quickly absorbs Tal’s ring into it. Defeating the monsters, smashing the idol, and ferrying chest after chest of treasure to their ship; The Party depart.

Tal's Treasure, Part 3

The Party stop in the port of Cliffside with plans to pressgang themselves a crew. After encountering some of the locals (such as the Guvnar, who demanded rum of them, and Hydraxis, who attempted to charge a hefty thiry gold for said rum, and Wik whom they recruited from the local tavern in the process), and realizing the town is essentially a fishing village and waystation for sea-drifters, The Party decide they’d be better served hiring rather than tricking or enslaving. Visiting Marus Volt in the local temple of Melora, they learn most of the town’s current non-local residents are the survivors of a shipwreck, and have come to view Skermo the Witch Doctor and a strange shipmate of theirs as a good luck charm due to his healing skills. The surviving crew agree to ship out again only if Skermo is permitted to come along. Agreeing, the Party attempt to leave Cliffside only to be stopped by the local guards; demanding to know where the Guvnar’s rum was. Delivering the rum to the Guvnar and paying their “crew collecting” tax, The Party get on their way. The question is, which way?

Examing Tal’s ring The Party find the item turns slowly, keeping its one eye on a certain point, allowing its use as a compass. As the fabled hiding place of the treasure, looms, however, the dangers become apparent with countless dead sailors called back from the depths, demon rays, Skermo‘s fearful superstitious mutterings of the Kraken, the untimely dissappearence of “Sandy” Tepesh, and Wik’s drowning. Through this, the mysterious masked figure lingers in corners and shadows of the Vena Cava; observing in an unsettling manner. Finally, however, The Party along with Skermo set foot on Shell Island.


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