Strange Sails

Tal's Treasure Part 1

The Party found themselves in Scarrport drinking rum and playing Liars Dice with “Sandy” Tepesh. An old salt (showing off a tattoo of a one-eyed skull as a mark of his piratical past) and resurrectionist (polite word for “Necromancer”), Tepesh told the party how he came by the means of finding the treasure of Captain Tiberius Tal. An odd sort of fellow, Tal gave his finger bone and a ring to his wife. Dwelling on the island of Col Fen and falling on hard times since her husband’s death, Tal’s wife sold the Captain’s finger bone as a curiosity to Tepesh who in turn used it to conjure the ghost of Captain Tal.

Tal told Tepesh that his treasure was buried on the mystically hidden Shell Island where his bones are worshipped by a Savage Elf tribe as a vudo god, and that only his ring can be used to navigate the way there. Claiming to only want one curiosity of Tal’s loot – an idol of an octopus headed humanoid – Tepesh offered to guide the Party to the treasure, promising them the bulk of it for their aid. The Party agreed to Tepesh’s claims, but did not trust the resurrectionist. Oddly understanding, Tepesh agreed to give the Party a carrier pigeon so that they might send word to him once they had the ring.

Unfortunately, on arriving back at their ship, the Party are soon beset with soldiers of the Dominion bent on scuttling the pirate vessel. Defeating the soldiers, hearing harsh words from the town’s guards, rounding up the crew (stopping young Jenkins from sneaking a sally on board in the process) and sending word to Tepesh of their imminent departure, the Party leave Scarrport without the promised pigeon.

When several days out at sea the Party have came to notice two things. Firstly; a shark had been following them for days. Secondly, that a Dominion ship was likewise on their trial. Attempting to capture and tame the shark, the Party discovered the shark to be “Sandy” Tepesh, who claimed to be following in the beast’s belly (being a self-ressurectionist it seemed). Restricting Tepesh to a spare cabin where he remains under the watchful eye of one Mr. Gibbs and diving into a storm, the Party alluded the Dominion ship and arrived safely at Col Fen.

There the Headwoman of the local village, Mara Kes, requested the Party’s aid in uncovering a source of disappearances since the death of Old Lady Tal (Captain Tal’s wife) on the island. Before they can begin, however, Kehpri finds herself called into the woods near the village where she stands and stares at a strange idol of an octopus headed humanoid. Unable to rouse her, the Party set about examining the graveyard, where they note the walls to predate the village itself (showing depictions of weird hieroglyphics depicting sea creatures) and that Old Lady Tal’s grave to be disturbed. Exhuming (very quietly so as not to disturb the superstitious villagers) the corpse of Old Lady Tal, the party find her arm to be missing – torn off by something that has since taken up residency in one of the town’s three crypts.


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