Amputation Golem

Amputation golem 2The sea-folk of Deluge had long favoured pegs and hooks to replace lost limbs. The Amputation Golem is the result of a bizarre experiment taking the principle to the next level; replacing lost body parts with artificial constructions of stone, clay, steel or even dead flesh. The result is something like the former creature, horribly twisted and recast in a terrifying new light.

Racial Traits:
Average Height: As template race.
Average Weight:_ As template race +100 lb.

Ability Scores: Select one of the template race’s Ability scores. That Ability Score is replaced by +2 Constitution.

Size: As template race.

Speed: As template race.

Vision: Low-light.

Languages: As template race.

Skill Bonuses: As template race.

Template Race: Amputation Golem’s are constructed from the “body” of an existing race, adding new parts to replace gaps created by injury, wound or defect. The Amputation Golem’s player may select one race to serve as the basis of this construction. Additionally, the Amputation Golem gains the Encounter Power of their Template Race.

Tough: Amputation Golem’s tend to be somewhat toughened by the experience of their maiming and construction. They gain a natural +2 bonus to Fortitude.

Living Construct: An Amputation Golem is a living construct. They don’t need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. You never have to make Endurance checks to resist the effects of starvation, thirst, or suffocation.

Materials: An Ampuitation Golem is constructed from the template race along with one of the following materials: Stone, Clay, Steel or Flesh. Amputation Golems gain Resist 5 Necrotic (Flesh), Fire (Clay), Force (Stone), or Lightning (Steel) based on their Material.

Amputation Golem

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