Pure mana reduced to powder or liquid for use of gifting mundane items with magical properties. Some Mages (and others) have been known to use Lyrium as a drug of mind-expansion, the creation of Sigil Tattoos or to produce Magebred animals; though living creatures suffer horrible side effects – addiction and aggression being the least.

Lyrium Addiction, Variant Level Disease
For those who consume Lyrium, the effects can be amazing as mana flows through their very body putting the individual in touch with the very essence of the cosmos. Such a feeling is, however, terribly addictive.

Attack: +5+Target’s Level vs. Fortitude.

Endurance: Improve Hard DC, Maintain Medium DC, Worsen Low DC or lower.

Track: Target is cured. = Initial Effect: The target gains +2 on all rolls for the following encounter that Day after consuming Lyrium. = Worsen: The target gains no bonus from the consumption of Lyrium for any encounter. = Final State: The target suffers -5 on all rolls unless they consumer Lyrium at least once per Day.


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