The Common Magic of Shanky Long Shores

In all the tall tales told by Mariners across the seas, no figure stands tall as Shanky Long Shores. If the tales of Shanky Long Shores are anything to go by, Shanky was the worst sailor ever to have lived – but also the cleverest Mage; creating a unique spell to almost escape each threat, hazard or antagonist. Although each story ends with his death, the spells created by Shanky Long Shores are still employed today as simple, occasionally useful, tricks anyone can muster known as Common Magics.

Characters may purchase Common Magic spells as individual Feats and employ them as At-Will Encounter actions. Common Magic Feats include:

Conjure Cold Tea
One time when Shanky Long Shores drank all the rum the captain’s he devised a spell to refill the empty bottle with cold tea so that the captain, a staunch sober follower of Erathis would never realise the rum was gone. Realising he had never had tea before, Shanky decided one little sip wouldn’t be noticed. Unfortunately, this is also the time when Shanky Long Shores discovered his dire and fatal allergy to tea. Any character with this Feat and an empty rum bottle can fill the bottle with cold tea.

Dead Man’s Noose
A pirate most of his life, Shanky Long Shores was eventually captured and sentenced to death by hanging. As a last request, Shanky Long Shores was granted the right to tie his own noose. Attempting to cast a teleportation spell, Shanky Long Shores uses a rudimentary trick of telekinesis to distract the crowd by making the rope tie itself. Unfortunately, no sooner had the noose been tied than it fixed itself around Shanky’s neck, pulling so tight that Shanky could not speak the final phase of the incantation. It seemed Shanky Long Shores had became so good at creating new spells that he could now do it by pure accident. Though hung, some onlookers remembered something of the spell and today any character who knows the secret of Dead Man’s Noose may instantly tie a rudimentary knott.

Mutual Shark Seduction
One time Shanky Longshores blinked too many times while on watch and was forced to walk the gangplank. Finding himself in shark infested waters Shanky Longshores thought quick, and cast a spell of seduction on the shark. However, the shark’s shiny hide had a rune of double magic upon it and the spell bounced back; affecting Shanky Longshores as well. So captivated by their new romance, Shanky Longshores and the shark gazed into each other’s eyes until Shanky drowned; on his death the spell was broken and the shark promptly ate Shanky. The onlooking sailors noted the spell and now any character which casts this spell makes a target shark within 10 squares fall in love with them and they with it for the duration of a scene or Encounter.

Navigator’s Coin
There was the time that Shanky Long Shores’ ship wrecked a storm. Luckily, Shanky was able to get to a longboat the sailor’s had used to move from ship-to-island. However, the oars were lost and without food or sight of land, Shanky Long Shores was doomed. Luckily, Shanky had a map and a coin with him. Placing the coin on the map, Shanky created spell that told him exactly where he was. Unfortunately, Shanky Long Shores still did not have an oar and subsequently starved to death before reaching land. This Common Magic Spell requires a coin and a map. Placing the coin on the map, the coin will instantly move to equivalent position the character occupies; providing a clear indication where in the world they are.

Summon Angry Cat
There was the time that the ship’s cat convinced Shanky Long Shores drank all the rum on the ship, so the Captain left a snoring Shanky Long Shores and the cat on an island with nothing but sand and a fresh water well. Eventually, Shanky Long Shores got hungry, and ate the cat – bones and all, except the fur which he made into a hat. Starving for days afterwards, Shank Long Shores eventually used the cat’s fur as focus for his magic; attempting to conjure a new cat to devour. Unfortunately, the murder of the first cat had tainted the spell and newly cat summoned was angry. After a month with no food, by the time Shanky Long Shores as too weak to fight off an angry cat. Subsequently, Shanky Long Shores was killed and eaten. Later, however, the captain felt sorry and passed by the island again to rescue the cat. As a master of this Common Magic, the character with this feat may summon one angry cat at any point within 12 squares provided they have some cat fur in their immediate possession. Cat remains for the duration of a scene or Encounter.

The Common Magic of Shanky Long Shores

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