the Dominion

A great cosmopolitan empire; the Dominion claims rulership of Deluge’s entirety. In effect, it controls Linnor; Deluge’s single great continental land mass. Once made of many crowns, a great imperial republic has emerged over the last century-and-a-bit, currently led by the Emperor Findecáno Calaelen IV and his senate.


The Dominion perceives itself as the only civilization. All things foreign – such as the Bronze Island or Xulmecs – are seen as varying degrees of savage and exotic. Here then, the Dominion draws contrast between its races and their foreign counterparts – say between an Anteivan and Skarl Elf – pointing out the inherent “nobility” bred into their local breed. Naturally, some particularly reviled races – such as the Gnoll or Orc – have no civilized better, and thus are entirely foreign to the Dominion.

Most often, however, the signs of the Dominion’s civilization are seen on foreign shores not in its armies but its wealth; with Dominion-based trade guilds founding countless settlements and ports – such as Scarrport.

The Dominion’s foundations lay in the Eight-Crown Alliance to form a solid military and political block during the Bronze War which was at that time threatening to engulf continental Terranor. Over time, the alliance of nations grew tighter and its borders more relaxed. The establishment of a single currency, the Eight, finally solidified Terranor into a single economic body, with politics soon following. The legacy of the Dominion’s separate sovereign heritages remains today in the form of politics and provinces through eight distinct political-geographic regions represented in by eight senators under the Emperor.

The Dominion year runs on a progression of forty-five weeks. Each week is divided into eight days; one for each kingdom which contributed to Eight-Crown Alliance. The days of the week are (in order): Anteirak, Nekarak, Forgerak, Virgrerak, Ibarak, Dexerak, Basterak, and Gogmarak. In writing, the dates are generally written as the day followed by the week; such as Nekarak of the thirty-first.

-1400 – Around this timeRiileth sinks, dragging much of the world’s landmass with it; extending the world’s oceans out across much of its surface.
-1354 – Rise of the Pain God, who came to enslave all of Terranor
-403 – Dragonfire War ends, creating the Petty Tiefling Crowns.
-756 – Last of the Petty Tiefling Crowns falls.
-88 – Di Bu Bao Chuan vanishes.
-4 – Bronze War begins.
0 – Bronze War brings about the Eight-Crown Alliance.
4 – Drow War.
35 – The Eight is established as a singular currency between the kingdoms of theEight-Crown Alliance.
41 – Conclusion of the Bronze War.
108 – Relaxed borders along with economic and military co-dependence sees the Eight-Crown Alliance employed as a basis for a single political hegemony. The Dominion is formed and a new calendar is established, with “modern” history beginning with the Eight-Crown Alliance.
109 – Emperor Ludwig Von Gorge IV crowned as the first Emperor of the Dominion. Dwarven city of Forgeheim, hold of the Gorge Clan and capital of Dwarrowmir favoured as capital of the Dominion.
112 – The year that it is.

the Dominion

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